Audit-ready without lifting a finger

  • Chases control owners on your behalf
  • Reviews evidence so you don’t have to
  • Suggests relevant evidence for audit requests
  • Automatically flags non-compliance before an audit
  • Drafts risk treatment plans in seconds

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The next-gen GRC platform

AI & Automation
Controls Monitoring
Audit Prep
Risk Management
Vendor Diligence

Your compliance Your way

You've got the power. The platform is fully no-code configurable - from custom controls and custom fields, to tailored risk matrices, vendor questionnaires, tags, and much more - all done in seconds.

  • PCI
  • Controls My CISO Cares About
  • NIST
  • Food Safety
  • PCI
  • Controls My CISO Cares About
  • Food Safety
  • GDPR
  • IT Security Controls
  • ISO
  • SOC 2
  • Germany
  • GDPR
  • IT Security Controls
  • ISO
  • CMMC
  • FedRAMP
  • Internal Controls
  • UK SOX
  • Internal Controls
  • UK SOX
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Software with no hidden costs

Yes, it's true. Unlimited users, unlimited standard integrations, unlimited risk records, unlimited vendor records - at no additional cost.

The only AI-first GRC tech in the market

Scaled impact from custom AI that plays by your rules

Vendor Diligence

Review vendor security docs

Complyance AI automatically flags risks in your vendors' questionnaire responses, helping you complete vendor diligence in record time.

Client Questionnaires

Complete Questionnaires

Complyance AI generates answers for your client questionnaires using insights from your policies and past responses.

Evidence Review

Continuously Monitor Controls & Evidence

Complyance AI proactively alerts you to non-compliance, using integrations for continuous monitoring + custom AI review of evidence, to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Our Impact

Centralized platform to organize your data your way, and give you time back.

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Reduction in Manual Work

Automation-driven efficiencies for manual activities across controls, risk, and vendor management



AI-enabled insights to generate a holistic, live understanding of the org's compliance health and risks

What's On Your Mind

What makes Complyance different vs. the other solutions out there?

We differentiate in many ways. Here are the top 3: (1) We have the best customer service in this market - every one of our client relationships is a partnership, and we invest to make sure you feel that. (2) We have scaled your ROI by using the latest AI on the market, and prioritizing security and privacy of our AI. (3) We are built specifically for Enterprises, and the complexity that comes with them. For example, you can handle multi-organization or multi-product compliance. And, you can tailor the product entirely to your business fully with no-code configuration.

Is our data used to train the AI for other clients?

No, it is not. Your data is only used to deliver tailored AI features in your instance of the Complyance platform. Your data is not used as context or training for the AI model for other Complyance clients, not available to other Complyance customers, and not used in any Complyance AI applications other than delivering your AI features in your instance of the Complyance platform. As a company serving Enterprises with a compliance- and privacy-focused solution, we are especially particular about how we build our AI capabilities and manage our clients’ data.

What types of compliance or regulations do you support?

We have off-the-shelf template controls for different standards and regulations (we have thousands of ready-to-go controls across common standards such as NIST, ISO, SOC, Privacy, and many more). And, you can configure custom controls in seconds to manage any internal or regulatory control you need.

What is Complyance’s pricing model?

Pricing is determined by two simple factors: the modules you want, and the AI features you add. All of our plans come with unlimited users, unlimited standard integrations, unlimited risk records, and unlimited vendor records - at no additional cost. If that sounds too good to be true for your organization, reach out to our team to get a tailored proposal and see it for yourself.