Information Security

The Compliance team use case is at the heart of what our platform aims to support. Internal compliance teams are tasked with controls and standards management, audit prep, coordination across control owners, and much more. Complyance helps every step of the way.


Value for Information Security Teams

Time Savings

Cross-mapped auditor-tested controls, automated evidence generation via integrations, and no-code configurability to monitor custom controls

Visibility & Control

Vendor management , risk management, and controls management mapped to each other in one place provides true control over your org’s security posture

Risk Reduction

Controls monitoring through integrations with source-of-truth systems provides internal teams with a 24/7 view of compliance - not just samples pre-audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Complyance-supported frameworks are most relevant?

InfoSec teams can have a broad remit, but their core work is on cybersecurity and thus the most relevant Complyance frameworks include: SOC 2, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, NIST series, and more.

Which Complyance features best support this use case?

Template controls: Complyance offers auditor-tested, cross-mapped controls for common standards. Integrations: Evidence linked to controls can be generated or monitored using integrations for maximum efficiency. Vendor and Risk Mapping: Easily map risks to specific vendors or to mitigating controls for a complete picture of your risk landscape

How does a Security team typically use the product?

InfoSec teams use all modules of the product, from controls management through programs, to vendor management and risk management modules. InfoSec teams often use the platform as a core day-to-day solution, as well as their main collaboration space with Compliance.