Controls Management

Controls are the building blocks of the Complyance platform. Managing compliance through a focus on controls allows for more efficiency, granularity, and - forgive us - control. Controls Management happens across the modules of the platform, including in the Control Center or in your organization’s programs.


Highlighted Features

There is a huge breadth of features in the Complyance platform related to controls management. Key features are highlighted below.

Template Controls

Complyance offers auditor-tested, cross-mapped controls for common standards

Custom Controls

No-code configuration allows you to create custom controls and fully custom programs in seconds

Progress Tracking

Controls go through different stages in the workflow on their way to audit readiness

No-code Configuration

Easily add in your organization’s tags, groups, priority, etc., for a tailored and relevant user experience


Evidence linked to controls can be generated or monitored using integrations for maximum efficiency

Task Management

Create, delegate, and monitor tasks easily for coordinated compliance efforts across your organization


Visually digest your controls statuses, tasks, and alerts with overall and program dashboards

Custom Reporting

Build custom reports that you can use for internal visibility, weekly meetings, personal project management, etc.

Multi-Org Management

Manage and view controls for different parts of your business - by sub-entity, geography, product line, etc.