Vendor Management

Vendor management is a core focus of many compliance standards, and a key remit of Information Security, Risk, and Compliance teams. Our product suite offers a Vendor Management module to keep you coordinated and compliant.


Highlighted Features

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Vendor Register

Complyance offers a full, smart vendor register (which can be populated by integration)

Vendor Profiles

No-code configuration supports the buildout of vendor profiles to track key information (tier, risk level, team, etc.)

Approvals & Alerts

Vendors approvals are managed in-platform, with alerts pinged to owners when approval expires

Risk Mapping

Easily map risks to specific vendors for a complete picture and full tracking of your vendor landscape

Vendor Questionnaires

Send security questionnaires to your vendors as part of their onboarding process, linked to their profiles

AI-Powered Monitoring

Coming soon: AI-powered risk and vendor monitoring flags alerts based on the latest news about your vendors