Privacy teams are focused on ensuring alignment with relevant laws and regulations. They need to stay up to date with statutory requirements, analyze gaps in current processes to achieve those requirements, and coordinate with business owners to make sure the organizaton is compliant. Complyance brings Privacy teams one place to map their work with overall controls management and execution, to make for a streamlined and compliant organization.


Value for Privacy Teams

Time Savings

Auditor-tested controls cross-mapped to different privacy frameworks for maximum efficiency of implementation and review


Easy-to-digest, live view of privacy compliance broken down by relevant geography per standard

Risk Reduction

Privacy controls monitoring through integrations with source-of-truth systems, providing internal teams with a 24/7 view of compliance - not just point-in-time samples

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Complyance-supported frameworks are most relevant?

Privacy teams will benefit from frameworks such as: GDPR, UK-GDPR, NIST-Privacy, ISO 27701, CCPA, and more.

Which Complyance features best support this use case?

Template controls: Complyance offers auditor-tested, cross-mapped controls for common standards. Custom Reporting: Build custom reports that you can use for internal visibility, weekly meetings, personal project management, etc. No-Code Configuration: Easily configure controls, or add in your organization’s tags, groups, priority, etc., for a tailored and relevant user experience

How does an Internal Audit team typically use the product?

A Privacy team typically uses the solution to assign the implementation of privacy controls across the business, as a source of truth or collaboration space during meetings with other teams about privacy controls, to pull reports for C-level meetings, and more. A Privacy team's usage of the solution spikes when their team is adding a new standard.